how to earn money from snack video app 2023

how to earn money from snack video app 2023

In this article I will demonstrate how you can earn money through Snack Video in different easy ways. There is no investment required to begin making money through Snack Video.


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1 How to Make money through Snack Video


2. How much money could us earn through Snack Video?


Snack Video is a competitor of Tiktok where content creators showcase their skills by creating short videos. In the present, Snack Video is also providing an opportunity for all of its users to begin earning money. This article outlines the method of earning so that all users who uses Snack Video can start making money.

how to earn money from snack video app 2023

If you don’t want in attempting to earn money through Snack Video in the ways described in this article, then you may end your Snack Video account permanently.


How to Make Money by consuming Snack Video

Snack Video offers its users the opportunity to earn money by a variety of ways that can be described as follows.

1. Sign Up Reward

When you create an account with Snack Video and input an invitation code, you’ll earn some coins. If you do not enter an invitation number, you’ll not earn coins as a signing-up bonuses. The coins will be converted into cash after 24 hours.

Important: To earn an invitation reward you must enter the invitation code which can be found at 335 513.

2. New User Bonus

For new users as a new user, the Snack video allows you to follow two users and also like two videos. When you finish both tasks, you’ll receive 2000 coins. It is offered to new users.

3. Do activities together with your Friends

Snack video gives daily tasks for every users. It also offers an activity to share with your friends that means you’ll earn 1000 coins by sharing your activities with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or other platforms.

4. Daily Check-In Reward

The most effective method to earn coins through Snack Video is to daily log into your account. You will earn the daily reward bonus is increased on an daily basis. It is not necessary to finish every task in order to earn an daily checking-in reward.

5. Invite Friends and Earn More

It’s also the most efficient method to earn money by using Snack Video. All you have to do is invite your friends to join Snack Video.

You must send your referral link and invite code to your friends. When they open an account using your referral invitation code and link, you’ll earn about 200 PKR from every successful referral.

How much money could We earn through Snack Video?

It is contingent on your friends’ circle, as you could earn more money when you earn more referrals. Additionally, you can boost your daily income by performing various tasks discussed in the previous.


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