which valley is known as roof of the world?

which valley is known as roof of the world?

  1.  Chitral
  2. Chilas 
  3. Skardu
  4. Baltistan

Answer: (4)

Baltistan Introduction

Baltistan is situated in gilgit baltistan which is a pakistani administrated region of kashmir and northern part of indian subcontinent region. Baltistan vallay is drained by beautiful indus river. Baltistan vallay is situated above ladakh pl
ateau and at a peak of karakoram range k2 -second highest mountain in the world.  Baltistan valley also contain the loftiest peaks of gasherbrum(8068 meters).
Baltistan has a beautiful weather with an average annual precipitation of 6 inches.
baltistan contain siachen glacier, where indian and pakistan troops are there and occasional  skirmishes happened over the status of kashmir. Baltis, muslim tribe of tibetan origion are living there.

Baltistan history

Tibetan khampa and dardic tribe intered in khaplu through chorbat valley and roundu valley repectively. These groups setteled down in gilgit and known as Balti people.

Now  the people who are living in kharmang and western khaplu havd tibetan fearures and those who live in skardu and shigar are Dards.

Baltistan vallay was controlled by tibetan king in 686. Balti people was culturally influenced by tibet, they began to adopt tibetan buddhism. There are religious artifacts such as gompas and stupas were built and lamas played important role in the balti people’s life.

Baltistan geography 

According to 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Baltistan was the western extremity of tibet. There is a indus river in southward side of Baltistan valley and beautiful mountain along north and west side.because of these feature tibetan population seperated from indo Aryan tribe to west. 
In 16th century the muslim writers calledthe baltistan ” little tibet” and ladakh “great tibet”
Ahmad hassan dani writes baltistan have spread upword from the indus river and it has been seperated from ladakh by siachen glacier.
Baltistan valley contain lofty mountains.
 There is a baltoro glacier in the north, largest arctic region that are 56 km long and have beautiful two ridges with a highest peak 27000ft to the south and 28265 ft to the north.
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